ThingFarm is an integrator and solution provider of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. We connect machines, devices and appliances wirelessly to the internet. We turn things into intelligent assets that open up a range of possibilities for how businesses are run, how they grow and keep customers happy. Our mission is to create value and growth for our customers and their customers throughout the entire value chain of their ecosystem.

ThingFarm is dedicated to helping make the IoT real for businesses and people. Our network of industry partners, years of experience and robust solution portfolio simplifies the complexities of the IoT, resulting in the accelerated discovery, design and implementation of real solutions that drive real results for your business.


What we do?   

ThingFarm delivers IoT-Ready products — Connect & Sense, which includes integrated solutions from connectivity, hardware, sensors and not least an intelligent, IoT-platform build with business intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) that is compatible to any system such as, PLM, SLM, ERP and more.. As the expansion of connected devices and sensors grows, the volume of IoT collected data will increase on a exponential rate. ThingFarm Machine Learning will increasingly help your company take billions of data points and boil them down to what`s really meaningful.  ThingFarm Machine Learning enables companies to find the true value in their IoT data and to learn from the past, understand and predict the future, and making decisions that give outcomes.

For more information please contact us on: Post@ThingFarm.no