anti-drone solution

The commercial drone market has significantly taken off for a few years. In 2016, sales of drones used for commercial and enterprise, purposes was worth 3.4 billion dollars. 

This fast-growing field raises many questions regarding security since damages caused by such drones could be disastrous. Knowing that in some cases, transmission range is so wide (7 kilometers for a DJI Phantom 4 Pro/Parrot) asome drones can lift kilos of equipment, we cannot deny that there will be (and already are) unexpected and unwanted uses of such a technology.

ThingFarm introduce Drone-Detection, an automatic Anti-Drone solution that can protect an area from being flown over. Using Drone-Detection, you can conduct a predefined defense over foreign drones as alarming when drones fly over forbidden areas, identify the owner and give coordinates over the position of the drone pilot in advanced heatmaps and radar.



We present here Drone-Detection as an off-the-shelf Anti-Drone solution for protecting a given area. We particularly focus on , widely spread commercial drones that can be bought by anyone. 



Our system is fetching frequency signals in Real-Time and alowing us to detect Drone in seconds and altert. The system also measures altitude, noise, cordinates over remote-control of drone and more.

heatmap drones.JPG


Our system is build with highly advanced heatmaps that delivers data in seconds. All activity of drones will be created in different formats such as, videos, PDF, dynamical reports and in any formats. Our system is integrateable and scaleable. We can integrate our system to any other system such as PLM, SLM, ERP and more.