Monitoring WMF Coffee Machine Performance

Be able to cross different data such as weather forecast and urbanization data or any data and from any system for predicting the outcome and delivering predictive analytics - ThingFarm IoT & Machine Learning Platform


Using Reinforcement Learning Models with ThingFarm Analytic Platform for Predicting & Forecasting Data

Forecasting and auto-ordering supply chain management of coffee beans and other spare parts from manufacturers

Smart Retail

ThingFarm has long experience from the Retail industry and know the major challenges this industry faces in the world of digitalization .

Digitalization and new technology can make it possible to achieve new competitive edges.

Thingfarm can provide new insights to optimize the operational processes . 

Thingfarm delivers a complete Smart Coffee and Smart Vending Platform


Monitoring Thermoplan Coffee Machines For Paulig Professional

The coffee machines are based in Goteborg, Sweden. Monitoring consumed coffee cups and combining sales data with urbanization data and forecasting future outcome of sales


Forecasting Sales Data By Using Machine Learning Algorithms

The Real-Time sales data an be integrated with CRM systems for delivering a better customer service by automated logistics and ordering system


ThingFarm Smart Retail Platform (PaaS)

The Smart Retail Platform includes Real-Time monitoring and control systems and scalable that enables integration of all kind of external data and from system. 

Rules, notifications, reporting and alarms will optimize the monitoring operations.

The solution is built to utilize Trend-Analytics and Predictive-Analytics from Thingfarm Analytics. 

ThingFarm Smart Vending and Coffee Machines Platform includes:

- Real time monitoring of the machines/asset/sensors 

- Predictive Analytic for Predictive Maintenance based on ThingFarm Analytics (Machine Learning) 

- Integrated Coffee Bean Solution / Commodities

- Automated Orderings System that easily integrates to any Logistic System

- Geo-Fencing - Service & Maintenance 

- Integration towards fundamental data such as, Weather Forecast

- Alarm Center with notification, rules, alerts and with dynamical analytic reporting