Monitoring River Quality in Oslo Of Norway

Measuring aquatic life - preventing declines in biodiversity and protecting endangered and vulnerable species

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Smart Water Sensors

Delivering water quality sensors for all parameters such as PH, Conductivity, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonium, Disolved Oxygen, ORP and more


ThingFarm Smart Water (TSW) Platform gives you full control over monitoring the water resources. With ThingFarm Analytic Platform, you can measure and monitor water quality through all types of sensor data and to external data for mashing that data into one meaningful data.

ThingFarm Process, Visualize, Analyse and Forecast the outcome by using Machine Learning Algorithms of ThingFarm Analytic Platform.

Water is a vital resource for human consumption and for industrial processes. Monitoring aquatic environments play a critical role in preventing negative effects on human health and on the environment.  Traditionally water quality parameter measurements relied on time consuming and human intensive field measurements. ThingFarm Smart Water solutions help in overcoming these problems by providing precise values of water quality parameters in Real-Time. Monitoring can be done remotely from any device, but our with ThingFarm Robotic Process Automation, handles the process of water quality without any need for human-interaction. Alert when pollution is detected and get forecast so you can act in time.


- Monitoring aquatic environments for plants and animals in rivers, lakes and sea

- Monitoring public beach, swimming pools and recreational area

- Monitoring portable water and reservoirs

- Monitoring water quality in industry, public places, aquaculture and agriculture


Monitoring Water Quality Real-Time Data

Protecting endangered species such as salmon & micro organisms.

Controlling water pressure and water flow, so salmon and throat has enough pressure & flow for being able to swim up the river in order to spawn.

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Using Thingfarm Analytic`s Based on Machine Learning

To predict & forecast the evolution of aquatic life both biotic (living-plants, animals, and micro-organism), as well as abitotic (non-living).


- Increased Aquatic Life: Improve aquatic life for living-plants, animals and micro-organism as well as non-living

- Pollution Mitigation: Monitors industry waste and effluents. Provides an overview of purification plants into watercourses companies, preventive measures on pollution from agriculture or where to clean up contaminated sites

- Liming: Monitoring of acid rain, liming levels

- Regulation and Protection: Information on the use of water or quality for local regulations, land use-planning, waste water and water flow and more

- Research: TSW can provide intelligent analytics and accurate, processed data over extended periods of time


The Smart Water Platform includes real time monitoring and control systems which is also scalable that enables integration of all kind of external data and from any system. 

Rules, notifications, reporting's and alarms will optimize the monitoring operations. The Platform is built to utilize Trend-Analytics and Predictive-Analytic`s from Thingfarm Analytic`s  and is built on scientific logic that make the software powerful with accurate data. 

The solutions utilize data from different sources and can be integrated to other systems as ThingFarm Smart Air, where the Air data is related to the location of the water data. This creates more accurate data that provides accurate decision by processing data in Machine Learning.

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